TBarrz Outdoors offers a variety of quality fishing adventures and guide services for the beginner or serious angler.

TBarzz Outdoors offers packages for many species of fresh-water and saltwater trophy game fish.

California Big Horn Sheep Hunt
$50,000 - 100% Guaranteed Hunt
$30,000 - Non-Guaranteed Hunt
$10,000 - Trophy Fee

North Carolina Wild Free-Range
Bear/Deer Combo Hunt
November $2,000
December $2,000

Florida Hunts:
Freshwater Bow Fishing Trip $375 & up
Saltwater Bow Fishing Trip $450 & up
Alligator Hunts $1,500 & up

Ohio Hunts

We Also Do Hunts & Fishing Trips In:
• South Africa • British Columbia
• Alabama • Illinois
• Kentucky • Maryland

T-BarrzOutdoors LLC is a premier hunting & fishing Outfitter guide service based in the vast and most beautiful Alleghany Mountains of Pennsylvania. T-BarrzOutdoors offers customized hunting and fishing adventures worldwide in the company of professional and reputable guides and outfitters that have been time tested and approved.

TBarrzOutdoors offers wild free range hunting adventures as well as professionally managed high fence game preserve hunting packages.T-BarrrzOutdoors hunting & fishing packages are customized to fit your needs and budget. A variety of animal and fish species are pursued with destinations spanning the globe. T-BarrzOutdoors offers customized Hunting and Fishing adventures with professional guides and outfitters on private ranches and leases Worldwide!. If you are looking to book a hunt anywhere in the world, we can help you make it happen.

T-BarrzOutdoors will plan and customize your dream hunting or fishing adventure that will satisfy and exceed all of your expectations.Join us for a hunt of a lifetime!

Our goal is to simply do the best that we can to ensure our valued guests a memorable experience to look back on with a smile.

“The relationships that I have made over the years with my hunting and fishing friends mean more to me than just about anything. I have been blessed to have shared many lifetime dreams with people who treasure our hunting and fishing heritage and sport as much as I do. I want to thank God above for blessing me with the opportunity and abilities to help many accomplish their dreams. Thank you for making me all that I am. I also want to thank all of you who have hunted and fished with me over the years. Without you coming back time and time again, T-BarrzOutdoors wouldn't have lasted. Thank you to my family, friends, and most of all to my 2 beautiful children, Hunter Thomas Barr and Sierra Logan Barr.”

Bowfishing in PA and FL- T-BarrzOutdoors is now offering bowfishing adventures for huge carp at several locations. Let us teach you the ropes on bowfishing.Bowfishing is a fast and exciting sport implimented to manage & harvest a certain species of fish that are overpopulated and threaten other fish species. We practice safe & ethical Bowfishing practices at all times. Bowfishing allows you to have the best of both worlds of bowhunting & fishing! If you can hit a fish under water with an arrow, you should have no problems whacking that big buck this fall! If you have a garden, carp are a great source of fertilizer for your plants and vegetables.Call or e-mail for Bowfishing packages.


Thomas Barr, aka “T-Barr”
President - T-BarrzOutdoors LLC.

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